Ada Hernández

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Ada es una desarrolladora experimentada que maneja múltiples tareas para proyectos complejos.
Ella ha contribuido a sitios de alto perfil que manejan grandes conjuntos de datos, incluido recientemente el Tax Policy Center, una empresa conjunta de Urban Institute y Brookings Institution. Ada ha amado formar parte de la comunidad profesional de Drupal. Ella es una colaboradora activa, especialmente ayudando a mejorar el sistema de migración de Drupal Core.


Lucas Hedding

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Currently Lucas is a Sr Drupal Architect at MTech LLC. In his spare time, he is a frequent core contributor, core contribution mentor, d.o. project application reviewer and general nice guy. He's from the Midwest in the United States but now lives in Nicaragua where he splits his time between his family, clients and starting a Nicaraguan Drupal services business.

Formerly Drupal developer for Mercy Health Systems.
Past LDAP admin/guru, current CISSP holder, experience as data architect and many other technologies. Former CCNP/CCDP, MCSE, etc.

Drupal Architect

Mauricio Dinarte

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I am passionate about Drupal, teaching, and traveling. Over the last few years I have presented 20+ sessions and full day trainings in 12+ DrupalCamp over America and Europe. If you would like to have me at your local event, meetup, or camp I would love present either in person or remotely. Currently I can present in Spanish and English, but I am working on getting more languages under my belt. ;-)

Desarrollador Drupal

Roger Noguera

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I have been working with Drupal 8 since 2016, it has been a formidable experience and I still follow with great enthusiasm the development of Drupal, I dedicate myself to web development.

Desarrollador web

Tony Dinarte

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Desarrollador Backend en PHP con experiencia de más de 5 años trabajando en proyectos desarrollados bajo WordPress, Drupal y Laravel  de todo tipo de escala, entusiasta de proyectos Open Source, miembro y activo colaborador de comunidades de software libre en Nicaragua y de Laravel en Latinoamérica.